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About Us

Welcome to Frome Opportunity Nursery...

                                                                A nursery for all children aged 2-4 years...


We hope you will find us inviting and friendly, full of vitality and enthusiasm; where children are respected as individuals and therefore reach their potential.  Children will always do best where we can develop a partnership with you, the parents and families, so this is very important to us.   We enjoy close, open and friendly relationships with our parents and welcome everything you can tell us and contribute to their Learning Journey.


We are registered to take 24 children each session. 


Ethos and Aims


  • The group shall have an atmosphere and ethos of warmth, happiness and trust.

  • We will be welcoming and friendly.

  • Wewill be non judgmental and honest.

  • We will provide a positive experience of enjoyment and fun, learning and achievement.

  • We will encourage children to access the outside environment.

  • Every child will be treated as an individual and shall be given the opportunity to take part in every activity on offer if they wish to.

  • The child’s personality and character is of paramount importance and will be respected and valued.

  • We will strive to help all children make a good level of progress in their learning and development.

  • Frome Opportunity Nursery aims to work as a team of children, parents, carers, staff and committee members. 

  • We aim to provide opportunities for parents and staff to share their observations and understanding of the children.

  • We will identify children who may need extra support and offer advice and support to their parents while doing so. 

  • We will support children through transitions such as moving on to school.

  • We will work with Somerset County Council, Getset services and Hayesdown School and the Partnership Trust, and other agencies as we need to. 

  • We will strive to achieve and exceed OFSTED inspection requirements.

Fees and sessions

The nursery is open from 9.00am to 3.15pm Monday to Friday during term times.  We have 5 inset days per year. 

The day is split into 3 sessions: morning   (9-12)

                                                   lunch       (12-12.45)

                                                   afternoon (12.45-3.15)

Families may choose any combination of sessions they would like from what is still available.

All children are entitled to up to 15 free hours per week from the term beginning after their 3rd birthday - this is called Early Years Entitlement or EYE.  We need to photocopy their birth certificate to claim this on their behalf.   Some 2 year old children are entitled to 2 year funding from the term after their 2nd birthday - criteria do apply and families must apply complete a paper form which we can supply or are available at Getset centres, or apply online at: 

Children who exceed their free hours or do not qualify for 2 year funding are charged fees.  We currently charge £5.00 per hour for 2 year olds and £4.85 per hour for 3 & 4 year olds. 


The nursery uses the Early Years Foundation Stage to record, assess  and plan children's learning and development.  Key playworkers plan next steps for their key children and there is an overarching theme which children can access if they wish to.  Most learning  is individual to each child; however we do have group and story times and small focussed activities through the day, particularly for children in their preschool year. 


The nursery is a charity and is run by a committee of trustees.  It may be made up of parents, past parents family members or friends  of the nursery.  If you are interested in joining the committee you would be very welcome.



What do parents say?

"Thank you for all the help and

support you have given...she loved each day she has come...thank you from the bottom of our heart"

"Thank you for all your hard work and support.  We will miss you all very much"

"Thank you for everything you have done ... excellent nursery, wonderful staff, great learning!"

"We have loved watching her develop into such an outgoing and happy girl"

What does Ofsted say?


"Teaching is thorough and delivered with good understanding"

"Key playworkers make excellent bonds with the children"

"Stimulating and exciting plans are devised"

"Staff offer the tight amount of intervention to pursue individual progress"

"Staff are entusiastic and encourage learning at every opportunity"

"Children are encouragewd to take risks and challenge their abilities"

"Activities are taught with expertise"

"Education is the most powewrful weapon which you can use to change the World"... Nelson Mandela

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